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Medical Dosimetry—Improving the Outcome and Ultimate Recovery after Radiation Treatment

Are you currently undergoing radiation treatment? If so, you probably know that there is a whole team of radiation oncology professionals involved in your care. But you may not know that one of those professionals is a medical dosimetrist. This person is responsible for designing a radiation treatment plan that maximizes the radiation dose to your tumor site while minimizing the radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue. Your medical dosimetrist works closely with your radiation oncologist, your medical physicist and your radiation therapist to create a plan that leads to the best possible outcome for you. Your medical dosimetrist also follows your treatments closely in order to modify your plan as the radiation is administered and your body starts to respond.

Next time you are in the clinic for treatment, ask to meet your medical dosimetrist. Ask him or her to show you your treatment plan and explain it to you. You’ll gain a better understanding of your treatment process – not to mention insights into why the radiation treatment machine stops and starts when it does. The medical dosimetrist plays a key role in your treatment and ultimate recovery.

For more information about medical dosimetry, visit the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists Website at www.medicaldosimetry.org (Under General Information, click on the “What is a Medical Dosimetrist?” link).

The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) is the professional society for medical dosimetrists. AAMD promotes and supports the medical dosimetry profession through education, forums of professional interaction and a representative voice in the healthcare community. With more than 2,800 members worldwide, AAMD seeks to promote an ideal of professional conduct to which its members should aspire and endorses the highest standards of patient care. For more information about AAMD, visit www.medicaldosimetry.org.


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