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Nurture Nature: Nature’s Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Thankfully, there is much we can do to influence the development, progression and treatment of our cancer. We can take the natural approach, the conventional approach, or use one to complement the other. However, there is no doubt in my mind that everything we do and everything we eat influences the course of the disease. I pulled a few of my posts from this past year…..take a peek and see if there is something to influence your health this year.
2012 Archive List

Managing Estrogen:
Tamoxifen: There is More to the Story
Natural Alternatives to Tamoxifen
Managing Estrogen Naturally
Natural Alternatives to Aromatase Inhibitors

Eating for Life, Not Cancer:
Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Anti-Cancer Party
Food, is it Good for Our Health or Our Cancer
An Herb Garden to Fight Cancer
Why we are Not Winning the War on Cancer
What Everyone Should Know About Beating Cancer
Cancer Fighting Farm Stand Recipes
The Dark Side of Peanuts and Dairy

Our Minds, Our Cancer:
The Mind-Body Connection to Beating Breast Cancer
Changing the Cancer Environment
Redwood Forest

Cell Phones, Laptops and Other Perils:
Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer, Infertility; Are Our Children at Risk?
Cell Phones and Cancer; the Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence
Light at Night and Breast Cancer
Healing Cancer Naturally, Dental Toxins and More

And one to mention from my 2011 blog:
Eating to Cheat Cancer

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I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year!
~~If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any~~
Elyn Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor, professional cancer coach, radio talk show host, speaker, and the Executive Director for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. Elyn is on the peer review board of the Natural Standard Database. Elyn empowers women to choose the path for treatment that best fits their own individual needs. She is passionate about helping others move forward into a life of health and wellbeing. Elyn lives in New York with her husband and two young boys.
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