Late Stage Cancer: There is Hope

On March 29th, 1996, Daniel Shapiro passed away due to an aggressive lymphoma. In preceding years, prior to the fatal effect of this Lymphoma, Daniel had suffered from Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer. His adult son, Rick Shapiro, witnessed this harrowing experience and most difficult journey.

Years went by and Rick wondered, whether people diagnosed with terminal or late stage cancer had ever “beaten the odds”, and lived on many more years past their prognosis, with quality of life. He had heard of the terms “spontaneous regression” and “spontaneous remission”, but truly did not know what they meant. He had heard of miracle stories, but did not understand where and how these miracles could happen. He wondered if there was a logical or rational basis for these unexplainable outcomes … at least unexplainable by conventional standards.

Fast forward to the present – In recent years, Rick has become a passionate researcher and part-time educator of integrative and alternative treatments and therapies, to people afflicted with late stage cancer. He is currently writing a book based on actual audio and video interviews he has conducted, of people who were told to “get their affairs in order”, during the past 5-20 years !! Yes, people who were told 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago, that they had a very short time to live … but they are still here, and thriving. In the words of Mark Twain – “rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated …”.

Rick has uncovered numerous stories, nationwide, of people afflicted with all kinds of cancer who pursued different avenues to achieve long term health and an excellent quality of life. Not everyone Rick has interviewed has taken the same path, however, they have attained similar, fantastic outcomes. Their stories are true. His pending book and the lessons learned from it, will provide people who walk in the frightful shoes of late stage cancer, that there truly is “HOPE”. Rick has looked into their eyes and recorded their stories. He will talk about these stories on October 9th.

Rick has a website and blog to be found at – He is targeting the publication date for his book to be early in 2013.

Rick is a former practicing Attorney in the States of NY and AZ. He also, currently, owns and operates a boutique Merger & Acquisition Firm in Scottsdale, AZ.
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